Low profile. High performance.

The high performance GLED will yield a higher light output than its HID equivalent,
maximizing spacing criterion with up to 25% reduction in fixture count.
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High performance at an affordable price.

Now replacing 250W metal halide. Designed for lighting large warehouses, manufacturing
facilities and gymnasiums. Anywhere you would use a metal halide high bay you can use a BAYLED.
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SLIM large wallpacks deliver high output, high efficiency light with a design that covers the footprint of most traditional wallpacks. Up to 78LPW and replaces up to 320W MH.
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The SLIM LED wallpack delivers ultra efficient
technology in a compact design. Measuring
in at 4" off the wall, the full cutoff, fully
shielded SLIM is ADA compliant and Dark Sky compliant. Downlighting and uplighting are
worry-free with IP66 rating.
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Specification grade 78W LED area light in IES Type III replaces 250W MH area lights. Perfect for use in parking lots, roadways, pathways and general area lighting.
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Designed to replace up to 250W metal
halide one for one. Patent-pending
thermal management technology reduces the amount of heat sinking material, using the principles of thermal convection and conduction, and driving air flow through
the fixture body.
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But wait, there's more.

100,000 hours.

TM-21 calculations are in, and the L70
lifespan for RAB LED is rated at 100,000
hours. With an average daily use of 10 hours,
all of our LEDs are rated to last for 27 years.

Resources you need.

IES files, AGI32 instabase, spec sheets
and layout tools. We have all that and
more available online to help you get
your work done quickly and accurately.

No-compromise warranty.

Simple, comprehensive and valuable. The RAB LED warranty ensures that your luminaire is protected. We warranty light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish put into simple terms that are easy to understand.

You have a man on the inside.

RAB has certified LC professionals
standing by. Call us at (888) 722-1000
and ask for Application Support.